Kathy Black & Family // Waterloo // Family Portraits

It was a brisk November afternoon in Waterloo Park but at least the sun was out. We shot fast and had tons of fun climbing all over the trains. I really dig all the colours and straight lines as backgrounds. Kathy (second from left) and I had worked together in the past and we always talked about doing a photo shoot together. This was a rare day where all the members of her family were in town and available. She contacted me the day before and we set it up!


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A Few Portraits

Angela Wilson (above). Ben Kane (below). He needed a haircut but we got a few epic “before” shots.

A self portrait (below). Some camera tech/behind the scenes for the photo nerds: Since I was photographing myself the camera had to be on a tripod and triggered by remote, held out of frame. The camera was a 5D mk II tethered to my computer, tethered to my TV, so the images could be immediately played back and reviewed. 5 flashes (three 580 EX II’s and two 430 EX II’s) were¬†synced¬†by Pocket Wizards (Mini TT1 and Flex TT5). The key and fill lights were both shot through umbrellas to soften them up, and a white reflector filled in the chin area. The two back lights, left and right, were flagged off from the lens by those little cards. The final flash was used to light the backdrop, with a mini soft box on it. Lens: 50mm 1.2L. Camera settings: ISO 400, f16, 1/200th. I guess I sorta look like a serial killer in the BTS shot :-)