Lindsey Bueller

Photo shoot for the Women of Crossfit Kitchener calendar. I’ve posted about all six of my Crossfit calendar shoots; to see them all, click here, or the “Crossfit” tag at the bottom of the post. Lindsey was photographed in Kitchener, at the peak of the hill in McLennan Park, aka “Mount Trashmore”. We needed an unobstructed view of the sky—just her, a little bit of ground, and the sky. She tried a few different yoga positions, but this one—dancers pose—seemed to work best for the situation. It was super windy, and Lindsey could only hold the position for so long before losing balance.

The above pic made it into the calendar. Some camera tech: shot on a Canon 5D mk II, 70-200 2.8L IS II USM lens, one flash was gelled full CTO and triggered by a Pocket Wizard (Mini TT1 on-camera, Flex TT5 on flash). Settings: ISO 320, 90mm, f/18, 1/200th).

It was waaaaaay too windy to put the flash on a stand, so Ben served as my human-light-stand, just out of frame for most of the shots. However, he made it into a couple pics (below).

Jen Piitz

These shots were taken for the Crossfit Kitchener calendar, on the top of 120 Mansion St. in Kitchener. The above pic was chosen to be in the book, and all the rest are outtakes. Our original location had fallen through earlier in the day leaving us scrambling for a new one. Dragana, one of the other crossfit girls in the calendar, suggested the roof of her building. At that point the weather was totally crumby, all dark and gray, ready to rain at any second. So we brought umbrellas, in case. Then it happened. The horizon opened up to reveal the most incredible 15 minutes of sky that I’ve ever been lucky enough to shoot in. Opposite the direction we were shooting there was a double rainbow! The sky went from orange to red to purple and then it was over.


Some camera tech, for those who might be interested: Shot on Canon 5D mkII, with a 16-35 2.8L lens (ISO 400, f/2.8, 35mm, 1/125). Two flashes (both 580EX II’s) were triggered by Pocket Wizards (Mini TT1 on-camera & Flex TT5). The key light was softened by shooting through an umbrella and gelled full CTO. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 (In the above pic, extra plates were added; doing a million takes with real weight was probably out of the question, even for Jen).