Maja and Quinn are just cool. She’s a liver surgeon, he’s an artist, and they came together over a mutual love of surfing. They had first met on the beaches of Mexico and caught some waves, but their friendship didn’t blossom into anything more serious until Quinn moved to Vancouver a few years later; Maja’s home at the time. Their relationship was rekindled over a few messages on Facebook and—flash-forward another couple years—they’re about to be married, exchanging one last message to each other before walking down the aisle. A letter exchange is a great way to see into the minds of a couple. There’s this awesome, invisible connection that happens when you see Quinn composing his letter while Maja reads it aloud, later that day, across town. Together they’re both tender and sweet, but Maja and Quinn aren’t afraid to get a little silly, too!

Their ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Cambridge Mill, looking out over the Grand River.

karen+aaron // Just Takes a Little // Cambridge Mill Wedding

Karen and Aaron’s ceremony was held at the open-air amphitheater in Mill Race Park, Cambridge, and the festivities continued on to the Cambridge Mill, overlooking the Grand River. I hadn’t seen a Chinese Tea Ceremony since my uncle’s wedding many years ago, so it was a bit of a fun throwback for me. That, and the numerous wardrobe changes made by Karen! She looked absolutely stunning in each. Aaron couldn’t wait to kiss his new bride, so I weaved that story-line into the narrative of this Highlight Edit… when the time comes, their relief and joy is tangible.

Song: Just Takes a Little by Amy Stroup, licensed through The Music Bed. 2nd Camera: Jack Szatko.