Storytelling is the main force behind my work. More than simply a chronicle of your wedding day it’s my goal to tell a beautiful story and capture the real personalities of you and your family. There are a few options to consider when choosing a cinema package that fits you best. Pre-made packages range between $2,450 to $4,064. Packages are also fully customizable. Contact me for more information; I'd love to get together and chat about your wedding over coffee! Below I've featured some examples of the Highlight Edit, Documentary Edit and a Portrait Film. See more at my cinema gallery.


The Highlight Edit is the core of all my wedding cinema projects. It's an absolute blast to put together. I'm not content to churn out wedding videos that seem to have been made in a factory, where one couple is indistinguishable from the next. Every couple is different, and every wedding day has it's own character. Your personality, taste, and interactions together as a couple inform the choices I make when selecting music and finding the story.

THE DOCUMENTARY EDIT A+B (40-50 min. or 70-90 min.)

The Documentary Edit is a fly-on-the-wall style cut of your wedding video, starting with the early morning preparations, the ceremony, afternoon, reception, entrances, and all of the fun moments in between. It’s the raw footage edited together in a more palatable format. I always use multiple cameras for the ceremony and reception (the above clip gives examples of two and three camera setups). In the Documentary Edit all of the camera angles and audio sources are edited together like a live broadcast, for the best view of each moment. There is no music added like in a Highlight Edit; it only includes the sounds captured live. The Documentary Edit comes in two different lengths: version “A” is between 40-50 minutes long, and version “B” is between 70-90 minutes long.


The portrait film is a chance to dial our creativity up to 11 (yes, one better than 10 lol). They capture a “day in the life” and offer a more casual look into your relationship. I love putting these together! Shot over a single day, the best way to get you guys as comfortable on-camera as possible is to go do something fun. What does an ideal summer afternoon for you look like? Typically, the portrait film is premiered at the wedding during the reception. It’s a fun way to celebrate the things that make you an awesome couple!


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