Even though the media are quite different, I try to find inspiration between my photo and cinema work. Photos can tell stories of their own, by focusing on certain details—an expression, a simple gesture, an object—or by capturing that perfect moment. I’m always on the lookout for that amazing shot, or a series of shots that tell a larger narrative. Pre-made packages range between $2,050 to $4,100. Packages are also fully customizable. Contact me for more information; I'd love to get together and chat about your wedding over coffee! Check out the photo gallery for a look at my work.


For most of the day I'm like a fly-on-the-wall, floating around grabbing candid shots, however, one of the main features of my wedding photography packages is a personal photo shoot with the bride and groom. It's a chance to spend a little bit more time lighting and setting up the shots. It's also a little rare for the bride and groom to get some privacy on their wedding day, so the portrait session is a great opportunity to relax and just focus on each other.

Many couples that I work with are a little worried beforehand about looking natural in front of the camera; I feel that it's my job to put you at ease and create the best scenario to get natural interactions. Real emotion and a true connection between the bride and groom is even more important than lighting, composition or any of the technical aspects of photography.


Engagement shoots differ from wedding day portrait sessions in that you aren't encumbered by such a tight schedule, dresses and tuxes, last minute changes and delays, or location choices based on a given venue. You don't have the "wedding day stress" and can really focus on each other. It's a great chance to be creative, too. I'm always looking for new places to shoot, or to see something in a new and unique way. Check out Kate+Andrew's engagement gallery for an example, but there really aren't any limits on what we can create. An engagement shoot can tell your back story or show different aspects of your relationship. Ella+James met at the University of Waterloo, in their engineering class. We spent an afternoon wandering around the campus and visited all the places with meaning to them: the classroom where they had initially met, the bubble tea shop where they had their first date. Kristen+Jeff started a new journey together in California. We toured around to all of their new favourite spots and captured a glimpse of their life during this little slice of time.

Every engagement shoot comes with a custom online gallery.


Ella+James were a blast to work with. They were married in a very small ceremony and reception (20 people!) at Langdon Hall, a beautiful venue in Cambridge, Ontario. Their December wedding didn't look like it was going to have any snow, that is, until the day before. You couldn't have asked for better timing—in the summer you hope for a little sun, but in the winter you hope for that magic line between too cold, and just cold enough. The snow clinging to the branches in the above shot had fallen only hours before Ella and James arrived. Details like that can’t be faked (not without an expensive movie crew on location) so it’s nice when you get lucky sometimes. Ella wrote me: "Wow! The photos are absolutely amazing... they look like they are from a fairy tale." I also received an amazing endorsement from Emily, her wedding coordinator at the venue: "Thank you so much for posting those photos. I cannot even begin to describe the reactions they've received. Each staff member that looked at them were blown away by their beauty. You truly have a talent. Hope you are back at Langdon Hall soon to shoot another wedding!"


An add-on to a wedding package or as a service unto itself, the Photobooth is an amazing experience. More than just a way to get great photos of your friends and family, the Photobooth is pure fun. People tend to get a little crazy in the booth!


Storytelling is the main force behind my cinema package. More than simply a chronicle of your wedding day it’s my goal to tell a beautiful story and capture the real personalities of you and your family. Video showcases your individual personalities in ways that still photography cannot. Movement, lens choice, editing and music take the experience to another level.


Lets talk. Drop me a line if you have a question, want to book me for your wedding, set up a meeting or check my availability. Add me on Facebook or Twitter!