Indian weddings are intense! No, seriously. Early mornings, multiple days, wardrobe changes, hundreds of guests. It’s a different animal, and I’m always excited to get the opportunity to capture it. That being said, I’m constantly amazed at how many similarities their are across all cultures and traditions. One of the cool things about shooting a lot of weddings is the unique perspective it allows.  The celebration of love is a universal experience!

Bonus Video! Last year we shot a portrait film that was premiered at their reception:

kristen+jeff // Portrait Film

Back in November Kristen and Jeff invited me to their home in Los Gatos (in the San Francisco Bay area) to shoot their engagement photos. At the same time we shot video footage which would ultimately be shown during their reception. Well, I’m excited to finally release this video; Kristen and Jeff were married yesterday in a beautiful celebration back home in Canada (photos to come!). I love the banter between K+J, and many times found myself laughing out loud while editing this piece. Portrait Films offer a new way for me to tell stories, and to dig a little deeper to get those genuine interactions. Congratulations, K+J!