Jody+Calvin // Same Day Edit

Jody and Calvin spent four months preparing for the dance performance at their wedding reception. As non-dancers under the instruction of a professional choreographer, their hard work and dedication certainly showed. I got to see cell-phone footage of their practices ahead of time, and it was great to watch them rise even higher for the big moment. Here’s the Same Day Edit, featuring moments from the dance, this past Saturday at Liberty Grand in Toronto. Enjoy!

Mona+Vipul // Highlight Edit

Part II of Mona+Vipul’s huge wedding celebration, the Highlight Edit, focusing on Day 4! During the reception they played the Newlywed Game, where couples try to match answers on relationship questions. There’s really only one answer that would allow Vipul to safely navigate this minefield: “If your husband could change one thing about you, what would it be”. See if he makes it through! :-)

Here’s Part I, their Same-Day-Edit.

Leah+Kevin // Portrait Film

Leah and Kevin spend a summer afternoon on a romantic trip through the past, riding bikes through Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks and the trails beyond, finishing with a tiny picnic in the sun.

I love using the laid-back schedule of a Portrait Film to test out some different filming techniques (Look for some funky GoPro shots) and storytelling methods. The narrative structure was originally intended to be rather linear, but at some point during the edit it seemed perfect to start at the end and work back to the beginning, creating a sort of loop.