Leah+Kevin // Portrait Film

Leah and Kevin spend a summer afternoon on a romantic trip through the past, riding bikes through Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks and the trails beyond, finishing with a tiny picnic in the sun.

I love using the laid-back schedule of a Portrait Film to test out some different filming techniques (Look for some funky GoPro shots) and storytelling methods. The narrative structure was originally intended to be rather linear, but at some point during the edit it seemed perfect to start at the end and work back to the beginning, creating a sort of loop.


Shauna is obsessed with mugs. It’s only fitting that one of Jerry’s gifts to her was a new mug with a personal message Sharpie’d onto the side of it. And inside, there was something more.

The day seemed something like a tour around Toronto; after the ceremony they strolled around Evergreen Brickworks, a beautiful space with a mix of natural and industrial elements, and a hint of street art. Keep it in mind if you’re looking for shoot locations in TO, or simply a nice place to spend the afternoon. The reception was held at 2nd Floor Events, a newish venue downtown, also very cool and modern.

Shauna and Jerry’s wedding markedĀ a huge transition in their lives; they went from living far apart (both in Alberta) while Shauna finished med-school, to a big move together across the country to Ottawa. Everything felt a little like a going away party. A themeĀ that seemed to emerge, however, was how the bonds of family and friendship and love can go beyond the things that might keep people apart.