Wasabi. Tobasco. Soy Sauce. Liquid Sweetener. These just might be the secret ingredients to a great marriage. If nothing else, they make for a good laugh at the expense of a groom and his loyal groomsmen, who have come bearing gifts of Lucky Money, seeking to pass the trials set down by his bride’s gatekeepers. This is the time-honoured tradition in Chinese weddings known as the door games (this wedding is Chinese/Korean, to be specific). For the uninitiated, in Chinese weddings, like the myths of old, the groom must pass certain tests in order to reach his princess locked away in the tower. In this case it entails drinking a whole lot of horrid condiments straight-up. Jimmy and Donna’s wedding at the insanely beautiful Graydon Hall Manor started with a bang, and kept that giddy energy all through to the end.

Earlier this year we shot a portrait film!


Indian weddings are intense! No, seriously. Early mornings, multiple days, wardrobe changes, hundreds of guests. It’s a different animal, and I’m always excited to get the opportunity to capture it. That being said, I’m constantly amazed at how many similarities their are across all cultures and traditions. One of the cool things about shooting a lot of weddings is the unique perspective it allows.  The celebration of love is a universal experience!

Bonus Video! Last year we shot a portrait film that was premiered at their reception:


Patricia and Peter had met almost exactly three years prior to their wedding this summer, in the very same place their reception went down: the Mississauga Grand Banquet Hall. It was at a fundraising gala; they had struck up a conversation at the lobby bar and found themselves talking for hours. Kind of makes me wonder how many new couples may have met at P+P’s celebration this time around!


Toronto itself is one of the main characters in Tiffany and Matthews wedding. Malaparte is a relatively newer wedding venue (located in the TIFF Lightbox building) and it sports a beautiful rooftop view. You never forget for a second that you’re in the heart of the city. We hit the streets for a little stroll and, of course, some on-screen chit chat between the newlyweds. Often when I shoot that stuff it’s a very private experience… on King Street in TO you can’t help but get a little spontaneity thrown in. In those moments it’s probably best to go with the flow, and hope you don’t run into any pedestrians… or cars. Spoiler Alert: we lucked out this time :-)