Mona+Vipul // Highlight Edit

Part II of Mona+Vipul’s huge wedding celebration, the Highlight Edit, focusing on Day 4! During the reception they played the Newlywed Game, where couples try to match answers on relationship questions. There’s really only one answer that would allow Vipul to safely navigate this minefield: “If your husband could change one thing about you, what would it be”. See if he makes it through! :-)

Here’s Part I, their Same-Day-Edit.

Langdon Hall


Earlier this summer I teamed up with the folks at Langdon Hall to create a video for their homepage (Note: it only appears in a desktop browser, not on mobile). The idea was to create a handful of shots to illustrate the experience of visiting Langdon, whether you’re staying overnight, getting a spa treatment, tasting wine with one of their sommeliers, or eating a gourmet meal prepared by chef Jason Bangerter. The images have very little, or at least very simple staging, with zero camera movement, meant to feel almost like still photos. The mildly OCD part of my brain that loves the art direction of Kubrick and Wes Anderson movies was very satisfied by all of the straight lines and symmetry to be found at Langdon.







It’s also one of the nicest wedding venues in the area. The one hit against it in the past, I think, was that you couldn’t have a large number of guests. They’re currently expanding, with the construction of a brand new reception hall. See a wedding video set at Langdon Hall in the above video!
Ella+James_Blog_872px (18)

Ella and James had a gorgeous winter wedding at Langdon. Check out those photos here.

Ella+James_Blog_872px (65)

Ella+James_Blog_872px (12)

Leah+Kevin // Portrait Film

Leah and Kevin spend a summer afternoon on a romantic trip through the past, riding bikes through Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks and the trails beyond, finishing with a tiny picnic in the sun.

I love using the laid-back schedule of a Portrait Film to test out some different filming techniques (Look for some funky GoPro shots) and storytelling methods. The narrative structure was originally intended to be rather linear, but at some point during the edit it seemed perfect to start at the end and work back to the beginning, creating a sort of loop.