Shauna is obsessed with mugs. It’s only fitting that one of Jerry’s gifts to her was a new mug with a personal message Sharpie’d onto the side of it. And inside, there was something more.

The day seemed something like a tour around Toronto; after the ceremony they strolled around Evergreen Brickworks, a beautiful space with a mix of natural and industrial elements, and a hint of street art. Keep it in mind if you’re looking for shoot locations in TO, or simply a nice place to spend the afternoon. The reception was held at 2nd Floor Events, a newish venue downtown, also very cool and modern.

Shauna and Jerry’s wedding markedĀ a huge transition in their lives; they went from living far apart (both in Alberta) while Shauna finished med-school, to a big move together across the country to Ottawa. Everything felt a little like a going away party. A themeĀ that seemed to emerge, however, was how the bonds of family and friendship and love can go beyond the things that might keep people apart.